Still Exploring, Even in Our Tiny World

So its day, ummmm, 3,000 of social distancing. For us this means trying to entertain/educate a 2 and 6 year old while also doing what we can to make our small businesses survive this inconceivable time.

Ok, so maybe not inconceivable. A global pandemic has always been my top irrational-realistic fear. But for the sake of how it is impacting the economy and our careers just as things were kicking up a notch is nauseating. Everyone is dealing with extra stress now – whether it is career or family or career AND family related. We are not alone even in our isolation.

The point is, we are trying to make the most of the time and space we have. And we are lucky, because we live in an incredible neighborhood that, while tiny, still gives us so much. Public art is worth so much in these moments. So while we avoid our friends and neighbors, we’ve been trying to see if we can spot every mural in the neighborhood – and as more and more keep popping up, I can’t help but feel blessed by the bounty.

I pulled together a scavenger hunt of images to keep us wandering with purpose. I’ll probably do a few more as time drags on. Check out my post on instagram where I’ve tagged the artists -they are all incredible and if you’re looking for time to kill, you could fill a few hours on their feeds as well.

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