Myth-busting: Having Kids Means You are Always on a Nap Schedule


The nap schedule is an unbreakable law. Those who dare challenge it will rue the day. No one will ever have a full day of fun again until your child is at least 7. 


Naps ARE important, but they don’t have to stop you from a life of adventure. 

I want to clearly state that my kids are not great sleepers. They have never taken a car nap for more than 45 minutes. I still get (rare) nighttime wakings from my six year old, and in our real life daily life, we adhere pretty tight schedule because, survival.

That said, I’ve found that naps don’t need to keep you from living your best life. The key is keeping your kids hydrated, well nourished, entertained, and with a mode of transportation that gets them off their feet (your arms, a stroller, a carrier, whatever!)

Long days in travel are hard if you do them day after day, but adaptable little ones will recover from a long day or two in a row if you allow them a little extra time to sleep at night. That might mean an early dinner and bedtime or prolonging your next morning out in favor of a little sleeping in (my favorite!).

All kids are different, but with my two polar-opposite children, I’ve found that kids are also incredibly adaptable. In fact, my go to for a bad sleep rut is often to travel. It shakes things up and when we get back home we have the opportunity to reset in our safe space.

So go forth and travel, nap time be damned!! (For a day or two ). 

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